Dec 22, 2021 • 12M

A Christmas Eve Astrological Reprise

It's Saturn square Uranus time again!

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Rebeccah Dean
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On December 24, 2021, Christmas Eve, we will experience the third and final exact square between Saturn and Uranus. The planets made an exact square for the first time on February 7 and again on around June 12 because Saturn went retrograde.

When an aspect perfects like this, the energy is intensified, but really we’ve been feeling the energy all year both in our personal lives and the collective, this tension between authoritarianism and protest, blocks and limitations and the intense urge to break them down and get things moving, the urge to stick with the tried and true and traditional as opposed to the drive for revolutionary innovation and breakthrough, those who seek to create long lasting structures that are slow to build while the other camp call for their destruction – they’d prefer chaos to the slow march of progressive Aquarian humanitarianism.

This aspect has also been linked with the pandemic, and whenever it goes exact, we’ve seen major spikes in Covid cases slightly after. With Omnicron variant on the loose, perhaps its not surprising that we get the final square on a day when people are more likely to gather in larger groups.

In 2022, the square between Saturn and Uranus stays close, but it never goes exact again, which suggests we will see at least a slight easing up of that which it signifies. Jupiter is also finally moving out of a Saturn-ruled sign into Pisces, a sign that it rules, on December 30, which should bring some extra bubbles to your champagne and a renewed sense of optimism we haven’t felt in far too long.

To finish off the year, as well as say goodbye to this aspect, or at least to the intensity when it goes exact, I thought I’d write another little poem, so here goes.

Saturn square Uranus: the poem!

Stalwart Saturn, rigid and unyielding,
whose word is law.
Each vertebra in in his spine a decree: 
Let it be so!
We will build it over time.
But Uranus? 
Uranus is the shock you get from a metal
doorknob when you shuffle your feet across a carpeted room,
a sudden jolt that cannot be ignored,
the tip of a lightening bolt plummeting from the heavens to
strike and sear the ground.
Saturn square Uranus is a horde of rebels 
besieging unexpectedly the castle of a tyrant
so cold he swallowed his own children whole.
What the rebels seek is liberty and freedom.
Saturn square Uranus is the elder statesman,
slow in speech and gait, an architect who would
build good things at a snail’s pace,
solid structures designed to endure.
But an angry mob seeks to beat down his door.
Will they burn down the house with everyone inside, 
including themselves? 
In their eyes, what is must be destroyed.
Saturn square Uranus is a frenzied
pressure, the desire to break down
walls, both internal and external,
and finally start moving forward,
our bodies sore from constant constraint.
It’s the authoritarian father, lecturing from behind the 
Christmas ham: Life is thus, and therefore.
Wise? Perhaps. But also unwilling to compromise.
But Uranus is there too, his mohawk magnificently blue,
ready to upend the table and light his farts on fire
– if you dare him to do.

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