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Aquarius New Moon through the Houses

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Rebeccah Dean
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On February 11, a powerful and very unusual new moon will take place. What makes it unusual is the sheer number of planets in the sign of Aquarius: six out of the seven visible planets.

It’s quite rare to have a stellium–as it’s called in astrology–of this size in any sign; the last time a new moon of this magnitude happened in the sign of Aquarius was on February 5, 1962. That one even outdid this one because Mars jumped in with the Aquarian crowd and there was a solar eclipse. Very intense!

However, what the mega Aquarian new moon on February 11 has that the one in the 60s didn’t have is the beautiful Venus Jupiter conjunction. In traditional astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered the “benefic” planets, and having them meet up together like that in the new moon brings in a very auspicious aspect.

Since all of these Aquarius planets will fall into one house in your chart if you use the whole sign chart system, as I do, one very specific part of your life will be the focus here. That’s why I decided to skip talking about this new moon in the collective and instead take you through the different houses so that you might get a feel for the opportunities and focus it will highlight in your own life.

The planets in the Aquarian new moon stellium

The six planets in Aquarius in this new moon are the sun, moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, which are also conjunct as I mentioned above. However, the planet that really sets the tone here and has the final say is Saturn.


Because Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius, which makes his position very strong. Since all of the other planets are also in Aquarius, you could consider them his “guests.” When you’re the guest in someone’s home, you are in their space and have to follow their rules, so Saturn is the guy in charge here.

Saturn in Aquarius brings out the more positive sides of this planet. What he’s asking us to do here is focus on building new structures and laying a new foundations in whatever part of your life is represented by the house this new moon occurs in. Since this is Saturn we’re talking about, the approach taken here involves a sense of commitment and seriousness about working hard about whatever realm is being highlighted here.

The other Aquarian planets support Saturn in his intentions as follows:

Sun and Moon: purpose and your needs to feel comforted and comfortable are aligned with this goal; since these two planets meet up in the same sign, as they always do during a new moon, they are planting the seed that will develop over this moon cycle and beyond.

Mercury Retrograde: As I spoke about in my last podcast, Mercury Retrograde asks us to review our past actions and thoughts and make changes and adjustments where necessary. In this case, it will focus on whatever the Aquarius-ruled house in your chart represents.

Venus and Jupiter: Venus here could focus on building new relationship patterns and greater harmony in the Aquarius-ruled house and Jupiter calls you to meet these challenge with vision and optimism. As I mentioned earlier, having these planets conjunct in this new moon is extremely auspicious. Basically, what this means is that if you heed Saturn’s call to reexamine and restructure the area of your life the house these planets fall in and put in the hard work, you will be rewarded and fortunate in these matters in the end.

Although the main focus will be over this two-week moon cycle, the work will continue. If you get serious and commit to the work Saturn is asking for, you will reap the rewards around the time of the Aquarius full moon, which will take place of August 22.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus

Still in Capricorn, Pluto doesn’t really come into the equation here. However, Mars and Uranus are still in Taurus. Although neither of them is making an exact aspect to the Aquarian crew, they are both in a sign-based square, which means they are bringing some tension and conflict into the new moon.

So what does this mean?

It means that these planets will be bringing in some impatience and possibly annoyance and anger. Saturn is slow and methodical, and both of these planets like to act quickly without taking much time to think. Uranus calls for innovation, disruption and revolution and does not like Saturn’s structured, more conservative approach, and may seek to counteract them with a rebellious spirit.

However, Saturn is the clear winner here. Partly this is because his Aquarian posse outguns Uranus and Mars, who is not very strong in Taurus. Another reason is because Aquarius is in what is called the superior square position. This is a method in traditional astrology that describes who has the upper hand in any aspect except the opposition.

What this means is that Mars and Uranus will have the chance to make some noise and buzz around a bit like an angry wasp, but Saturn will ultimately emerge the winner. Where this anger, stress or impatience is coming from will depend on the house these two planets will be in on the day of the new moon in your particular chart.

The new moon through the houses

In my podcast, I go through the new moon in the houses by rising sign. This will show you what area of life is highlighted by this new moon and will be where you should put in the work that will pay off in the end.

If you don’t know your rising sign, go to a website like astro.com and enter your birthdate, birth place and time of birth. The house with Aquarius on the cusp will be indicated by this symbol.

Please note that this won’t work without the exact time of birth, as this is what determines your rising sign and houses. Therefore, you really need to take the time listed on your birth certificate rather than your mom’s tip that you were born “around noon.”

In the Western world, birth times are included on birth certificates. However, if you were born in a place where this was not the norm or the information what left out for some reason, you can still do something called chart rectification. For this, an astrologer tracks major events in your life to determine your correct rising sign. Although I don’t offer this service, you could reach out to astrologers like Leisa Schaim if you are interested.