Jan 28, 2021 • 25M

Astrological Forecast for February 2021: Moon Cycle and Saturn Square Uranus

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Rebeccah Dean
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Welcome to February 2021!

Although this month is a very significant month for the year, it is not (necessarily) as stressful and loaded as January, which is good news. I for one found January really tough. Hope it was easier on you!

In this overview, I only focused on two of the most important astrological events in February 2021, the new moon and Saturn square Uranus, which I analyze from both a collective and personal perspective. Here are the dates to keep in mind:

  • February 11, New Moon in Aquarius. On this day, there will be a very rare pile up of nearly all the visible planets in one sign, in this case Aquarius. Only Mars will in another sign (Taurus). Taurus makes a sign based square to Aquarius, so Mars might be complaining and doing his best to cause trouble, but he doesn’t have much power here, so in the end all his likely achieve is just making some annoying noise (more on this in the podcast).

  • February 17, Saturn square Uranus aspect perfects. Although we definitely already felt this energy in January, the square between Saturn and Uranus will be perfecting (i.e. becoming exact) on this day. This aspect between these planets will happen three times this year, so pay attention to what happens on this day to get a preview of what might come up the next two times around.

(For any astro nerds out there, I made a mistake when I mentioned that Mars is squaring Venus on February 11. This aspect will be applying, which means we will already be able to feel it and it will be gaining strength, but it actually won’t be exact until February 20. I noticed the mistake when I listened to the replay, but I was too lazy to take it out as it doesn’t make a huge difference in what I had to say).

I’ll be back in a couple of days with the astrological forecast for the first week of February as well as a tarot reading. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of snow in the Alps which I took last year in Bavaria. We always go skiing there for a week during the winter school holidays (or rather my husband and daughters go skiing and I go for walks and read and write) but it got cancelled this year thanks to Covid.


This too will someday pass…