Jan 1, 2021 • 34M

Astrological forecast for January

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Rebeccah Dean
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Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all weathered the storms of 2020 well and are ready to embark on 2021. I know I’m not alone in being thrilled to see the end of what was one hell of a year. Astrologically speaking, 2021 still has its challenges, but it won’t be as dramatic and disastrous as 2020.

If nothing else, 2020 is at least a very hard year to top. The year ahead will have some high points, especially in the spring and early fall.

But more on that later. For now, let’s focus on the astrological forecast for January 2021, which I’ve just released in podcast form. I will also do a week-by-week podcast to look at the important points in detail, so stay tuned.

Before I looked into the astrology for the month, I did a tarot reading where I asked for three cards that signify what January will bring.

I didn’t specify any order or specific questions, just asked for general information to get a feel for what lies ahead. Once I pulled the three cards, I felt compelled to draw a fourth.

The first three cards I drew were the 8 of pentacles, the ten of pentacles and the Hermit; the fourth card was the five of rods.

Although the Hermit card is often used to signify the sign of Virgo, I think the card also is the perfect fit for Saturn in Aquarius, which plays a big role in January as well as the next three years in general.

I go into more detail about this in the podcast, but in a nutshell, Saturn is more comfortable and at ease in the sign of Aquarius, where he is much more forward-looking and seeks to create new, lasting structures to replace those which have crumbled following his time in Capricorn.

The Hermit is alone on a hill, barefoot in the snow and shining a light on the past so that we might learn and go forward and rebuild that which has not stood up against the test of time.

I interpret the 8 of pentacles here as the work we have to put in to create these new structures and approaches, particularly as they pertain to the new elemental age of air. These are not changes that will happen overnight, but rather ones that will require hard work and effort.

The goal?

The 10 of pentacles, in other words, creating a (vision for) rebuilding a lasting foundation for a sustainable future and bringing a new sense of well-being to the world that has been shocked to its core by the pandemic and resulting (and still approaching) financial instability it leaves in its wake.

However, when I looked later at the astrology, it made sense that the 4 of rods also needed to be drawn. Thanks to squares from Uranus and Mars which come up this month (and are reoccurring themes throughout the year), contention, impatience, disagreements and the urge to shake up the status quo, but not always in a way that is constructive, are also very much in the air in January.

Saturn represents careful planning, a sober outlook and established institutions, while Uranus stands for the rebel, the new and innovative, protest and revolution; bring Mars into the mix and things will get heated up and tempers flair. The Saturn camp is seeking to rebuild and change direction, albeit slowly, but Uranus and Mars do not have the patience to listen to a five point plan presented in Parliment–they’d rather take to the streets and shout enough is enough and maybe start something on fire.

This energy will manifest in different ways throughout the world, with various groups and individuals playing the role of the Aquarian committee and other the Martial and Uranian rebel forces.

Worst case scenario: tensions escalate.

Best case scenario: we plant the seeds and make progress with constructive plans for the future on many fronts, which are interrupted but not stopped by a chorus of possibly reactionary voices that don’t agree.

All in all, a rocky but not terrible start to 2021–after 2020, the bar has definitely been lowered, so I feel confident we’ll get through it just fine.

If you have any questions or anything to add that I may have left out of my forecast, please do post a comment below.

I’ll be back later this month with a deeper dive into Jupiter and Saturn and a look at lunar cycles as well as a weekly breakdown of the aspects for the week.