May 29, 2021 • 14M

Astrological Forecast for June 2021: Week 1

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Rebeccah Dean
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In this episode, I talk about the astrology of June 2021. Since this month has a lot of important astrological aspects, I’m going to go through them week by week instead of all in one go.

Here’s a summary of the first week of June astrological aspects/ingresses I talk about in the podcast:

  • Mercury is stationing retrograde in Gemini on May 29/30

  • The Sun in Gemini is conjunct the North Node on June 1

  • Venus ingresses into Cancer on June 2

  • Venus in Cancer is trine Jupiter in Pisces on June 4 – a day of good fortune!

  • Retrograde Mercury is square Neptune on June 5

  • Mars in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto on June 5

The last two aspects are happening almost simultaneously and really bring with them the potential for emotionally-motivated aggressive, or even violent acts (Mars) on a mass scale (Pluto) which may also be based or greatly influenced by confusion, unclear thinking or miscommunication (Retrograde Mercury square Neptune).

Tarot reading for Mars in opposition to Pluto and Retrograde Mercury square Neptune

Since this aspect on June 5 is potentially challenging and explosive, I thought I’d do a reading to see if the cards had any advice.

Question: What is the best way to handle the challenges of these aspects around June 5?

I pulled the Hermit, Judgement and the Lovers and interpret the card’s advice as follows:

There may be a loud announcement, or perhaps people digging into each other even more virulently than usual on Twitter & co. (Judgement), which may make you feel like you have to choose sides (the Lovers). But don’t forget, you can always withdraw into yourself and walk away (the Hermit) – sometimes refusing to get involved is the wisest choice of all.

Considering the likely emotional volatility and unclear thinking these aspects suggest, this is very sage advice indeed.