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Astrological Forecast for March 2021

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Rebeccah Dean
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Welcome to March 2021 and the beginning of spring!

Photo by Biegun Wschodni on Unsplash

When I was growing up in the Bay Area, spring wasn’t that big of a deal. Sure, there were flowers on the hills, which were a lush green (most of the year they are more golden brown). But winter in that part of California just means around two months of rain (when there’s no drought) and a few days which you might need to wear a cotton scarf and hat because it’s a little nippy out.

Now that I’ve lived in a place for over 20 years where the winters are long and cold and dreary and dark, I understand the true meaning of spring. When the first flowers push their way through the recently thawed ground and the sun appears again in clear skies, you feel like you’ve come alive again after a months-long half slumber.

Astrologically speaking, the spring solstice on March 20 marks the “real” start of the new year–symbolically for those of you who live in the Southern Hemisphere of course.

March does not have the same kind of intensity in astrological aspects and conditions that January and the first half of February had, not to mention all of 2020. But in many ways, this is a good thing. This month has the potential to bring in some relief as well as an almost poetic, intoxicating sense of longing (more on this below). It is also a time where we will be called to examine our relationships, and possibly make changes and cuts at the end of the month.

Here is the breakdown of the astrology of March 2021, including information I didn’t cover in the podcast:

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius on March 4: This often symbolizes an announcement of some kind. In the collective, it could be something like financial plans from the government, or something to do with higher education or religion. Since Mercury will be announcing Jupiter’s intentions, whatever the news, the message will be positive and optimistic. Therefore, in your personal life this may be a time when you can expect to hear good news.

Mars enters Gemini on March 5: Mars symbolizes boldness, courage and assertiveness as well as aggression, war and violence. Since Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, any boldness or aggression we see in the world this month is more likely to be done with words rather than fists, for example, courageous speeches on the one hand and propaganda and slander on the other. A positive way to tap into this energy would be to use it to write something or confront someone with words that need to be said–but be careful that your tone doesn’t go below the belt. Mars will be in Gemini until the end of April.

New moon in Pisces on March 13: Like the new moon in Aquarius in February, this Pisces new moon is very powerful and auspicious. The Pisces moon and sun are joined here by a strong Venus in Pisces as well as Neptune. This will spark a beautiful sense of longing in you, a seductive yearning to embark on a quest for the holy grail. Since Venus is here, this will likely be tied up very much with relationships, love, beauty or art. As wonderful as this is, the challenge here will be to still stay grounded and not lose your head to what may turn out to be little more than a beautiful illusion. Since this longing will manifest in your life in different ways depending on where the new moon falls in your chart, I’ll be writing a post about this later, so stay tuned.

Mercury enters Pisces on March 16: Since Mercury went retrograde, it spent around two months in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a progressive and forward-looking sign, but is also very mental and rational. Pisces, on the other hand, is much more emotional and poetic; Aquarius is progressive, yes, but often in an abstract way, but Pisces tends to be more altruistic in a hands-on kind of way. For example, Mercury in Aquarius drafts plans for how to help the poor which they then present to the committee, whereas Mercury in Pisces serves people directly in the soup kitchen where it listens to their woes and perhaps sings them a song it wrote to soothe their troubles. As nice as this may sound, Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s detriment and fall, which means it’s not an easy sign for Mercury to be in. Therefore, during this period, we need to also watch out for miscommunications and unclear thinking. Mercury will be in Pisces until the beginning of April.

Sun enters Aries on March 21: The “Aries ingress” (i.e. the moment the sun enters a sign) each year is a big deal. In Aries, the sun is in its exaltation and therefore very strong. As I mentioned above, the spring equinox is the “astrological new year,” and in mundane astrology (i.e. the astrology of world events) the Aries ingress chart is very important as it becomes the chart that symbolizes how the year will progress for a certain country or region. This chart is cast for the minute the sun enters the sign of Aries, which varies depending on the place. For example, in Washington DC, the sun might enter Aries at 11:45 pm on March 20 and in Paris at 6:32 am on March 21. In each case, the chart cast for that time would describe the fates and fortunes of the United States and France (and more broadly, the EU) until the next Aries ingress in the spring of 2022. I might do a post on this topic later, or point you to another astrologer’s work, as this is a very useful and fascinating technique.

Venus enters Aries on March 22: Venus is Pisces (the sign of exaltation) can be described as the beauty of unconditional love and boundlessness, whereas Venus in Aries (the sign of her detriment) is much more about stating what you want and don’t want in very clear, sometimes even pushy, terms. Aries is a Mars-ruled sign and harmony-loving Venus does not do very well here. Although this may bring about strife in relationships or trouble for a woman in the public eye, the full moon in a few days’ time tells us this may just be what we need.

Mercury square Mars on March 24: As I mentioned in the podcast, this often means times of quarrel and debate, particularly from the side of whoever is playing the more aggressive role of Mars. However, since Mercury rules Gemini, the sign Mars is currently in, it may also mean that Mars will act as a “soldier” for Mercury in Pisces’ altruistic cause. Let’s just hope it’s not one based on illusion or deception, which may be the case when Mercury finds itself in the sign of its detriment and fall.

Full moon in Libra on March 28: So much about March is about Venus and relationships, and the same holds true for the new moon, which is in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra. On this day, Venus is Aries is conjunct the sun; in ancient astrology, this is called being at the “heart of the sun” and symbolizes a time when a planet gets an “audience with the king” (the sun) and has the chance to have their wishes granted. Venus in Aries here is asking us to be bold enough to examine or relationships and how we relate to others. Are there some relationships we need to cut off because we’ve grown out of them or the balance (a very Venusian concept) is off? How do we wish to proceed with how we relate in the future? Beyond personal relationships, what do we need to change about how we approach love, beauty and art? This energy gives us the impulse to explore these questions as well as the courage to make changes where needed. This should be the focus for the next two weeks until the new moon in Aries on April 12.

So that’s all I have to say about the astrology of March.

If you would like hear an astrological forecast for the month for your rising sign, check out this video by Acyuta-bhava Das.

Next week I’ll be back with a mini astrology lesson about terms like “exaltation,” “rulership,” “detriment,” and “fall,” to help you better understand what this means. I’ll also do a podcast and post about the new moon through the houses in the second week of March.

Until then, have a great weekend and all the best.