Jan 24, 2021 • 20M

Astrological Forecast for the Final Week of January 2021

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Rebeccah Dean
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So we’ve come at last to the end of what has been not the easiest month.

Lots of intense energy in January, and I definitely felt some of it personally, but luckily it is also one of the hardest months of the year astrologically-speaking. Here’s hoping that February let’s up a little!

In the podcast, the astrological aspects I mentioned for the final week of January 2021 are:

  • Sun square Uranus on January 26

  • Full Moon in Leo in opposition to Saturn and Jupiter and square Mars and Uranus on January 28 (this will likely not be the most easy going day to say the least…)

  • Venus conjunct Pluto on January 28

  • Sun conjunct Jupiter of January 29

  • Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on January 30 (for any astro nerds out there, I said this will happen at 28 degrees, but it’s actually at 26 degrees 29 to be exact.)

If you have any thoughts or questions, do feel free to share in the comment below.

Tarot reading for the final week of January

For this last week of January 2021 (a month which certainly did feel like 2020 2.0!), I asked two questions.

The first question was for a general three card spread about what the week ahead holds. The second was what we can expect and/or take away from the intense full moon on January 28.

The general cards I pulled for the week were the eight of rods, the ten of swords and the six of pentacles.

The first thing I noticed here were the sequence of numbers: three even numbers, although not pulled in sequence. A

lthough the numbers of the minor arcana are interpreted in different ways depending on the element of the suit (wands are fire, swords are air, cups are water and pentacles are Earth), they still generally symbolize a particular principle. Six stands for communication, eight means movement, ten means completion or the need to move beyond.

Since they represent fire, wands imply both swiftness and movement. Like fire itself, this energy is energetic and forward-moving, but also sometimes rash and difficult to contain.

However, the eight of wands has found its goal, and is propelling towards it with new found speed. Overall a nice energy to have next week as it will help inspire us move forward both in our personal lives and in the collective.

As I mentioned above, swords stand for air, and air is mental in nature. I interpret the ten of swords her as a tendency towards despair and overly negative thinking. This card can also signify painful and abrupt endings that can send you reeling. Not a great energy to be sure, but it’s important to keep in mind that when the ten of swords comes into play, whatever this painful situation is, it will seem worse than it will likely turn out to be in the end.

I think this is especially the case considering that the next card in the six of pentacles. The six of pentacles stand for generosity, charity and giving, in a material or value sense since this is an Earth-ruled suit. But a hierarchy exists within this card. It’s about the rich giving to the poor, the king bestowing gift onto his subjects, the haves distributing to the have-nots.

Although this could be interpreted literally (e.g. a billionaire making a generous donation to a charity), it could also represent something like a person sharing their knowledge and skills with others or an act emotional generosity a parent shows their child.

Will these be three distinct groups, will they be interconnected or will they be emotional and material states that proceed one after another? We shall see.

I do find it interesting that three things are missing here: the suit of cups and the even numbered cards 2 and 4.

Two and four stand in general for union and structure and cups, which are ruled by the element of water, stand for formlessness and passivity that can lead us towards inner joy. Although that’s not in the cards for next week, let’s hope that’s what lies in store for us, but still needs time to germinate and manifest.

Reading for the full moon on January 28

For the intense full moon on January 28, I aptly pulled the moon, the two of swords and the Hierophant.

The two of swords shows a blindfolded figure holding two swords crossed at their chest. But it’s important to point out that this figure is not being held prisoner; in fact, they tied the blindfold across their eyes themselves. The two of swords stands for indecision as well as the impulse to “turn a blind eye” to that which is at hand and, eventually, must be faced.

To the right, in the moon and to the left, the Hierophant.

The decision here?

Considering the astrology baked into this full moon, I would interpret this as the urge to break free from established groups and institutions, especially those of a religious of spiritual nature (Hierophant) and follow your own intuition. This is a positive interpretation of the moon card energy, which also can stand for times of (emotional and inner) uncertainty, anxiety and illusion.

I would suggest exploring these topics on this day, but try not to take things too seriously if you still feel to confused and vulnerable to act (this is also most definitely the two of swords).

As challenging as this full moon is, as is always the case, this will be a good time to exam what you have achieved and/or what has come to fruition since this moon cycle began on January 13 and what you should now release or cast off because it has outlived its purpose.


See you again in February.