Mar 31, 2021 • 14M

Astrological Forecast for the First Week of April 2021

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Rebeccah Dean
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Welcome to Aries season, everyone!

While March brought us a big puddle of Pisces energy, which was sometimes dreamy and other worldly and sometimes unclear and confused, April is bursting onto the scene with a whole bunch of Aries.

Pisces is a passive mutable sign, but Aries is a cardinal, action-oriented sign ruled by Mars. April will be the month to get the ball rolling and say what needs to be said in assertive, bold ways. However, as is always the case with Aries energy, make sure you don’t give way to too much impatience or shift from healthy directness to a combative bluntness that may batter and bruise too many people to be effective in the end.

Here are the astrological events I mention in the podcast:

  • On April 4, Mercury moves into Aries. The planet joins the Sun and Venus, which are already in Aries, and will lead to assertive, at times combative, communication as well as give a boost to business and technology. This push towards action and moving things forward more rapidly is supported by the mutual reception Aries Mercury has with Gemini Mars (more on this in the podcast).

  • Mars square Neptune on April 9. Neptune likes to dissolve and bring in the fog, which will slow down Mars’ forward charge. On the 9th, as well as a few days before and after, this means you may not know how to move forward, which could bring frustration. However, this will be a temporary turn, so try to have patience.

  • Mercury sextile Saturn on April 10. This may bring up new thoughts and bold discussions about progressive structures, blocks or boundaries both in your personal life and the collective.

  • Venus sextile Jupiter on April 10. Venus is about relationships and harmony, among other things, but Venus in Aries speaks to the need for assertiveness, even if it brings discord. Jupiter here helps both to boost Venus’s need to directly address relationship patterns, for example, and also brings in good luck that whatever you choose to work on along these lines will ultimately be beneficial.

Stay tuned for my astrological forecast for the second week of April next week – and Happy Easter!

p.s. The Aries ingress chart analysis video from Nina Gryphon isn’t available yet on YouTube (she released it early to patrons), but you can find it within the next few days here.