Feb 12, 2021 • 26M

Astrological Forecast for the Third Week of February 2021

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Rebeccah Dean
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Welcome to the third week of February!

It’s finally here, that aspect we’ve been feeling build up pretty much since Saturn entered Aquarius on December 27, 2020 (with a little preview last spring and early summer):

Saturn square Uranus

So what happens when the planet of boundaries, limitations, authority, rules and regulations, establishment institutions and maturity (Saturn) comes into a tense aspect with the planet of sudden change, innovation, invention, revolution and chaos?

Protest and lots of it!

However, be careful that you don’t put one planet in the role of the good guy and one in the role of the bad guy. Sure, authoritarian figures such as Putin are taking the role of Saturn in his more negative form and the Russian citizens who have taken to the streets to protest the imprisonment of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny are definitely following the Uranian spirit.

But the same energy can be seen when the US Government (Saturn) talks about restricting and regulating Wall Street or the tech industry, the later of which is basically the Uranian poster child (disrupt, innovate at breakneck speed, pick up the piece of what you break later or don’t because who cares? – this is basically the battle cry of both Uranus and Silicon Valley).

These days, the examples of this dynamic are truly endless.

Saturn square Uranus will be exact on February 17.

In my podcast, I talk about what this might mean collectively (also in terms of the Corona virus) as well as personally. If you haven’t listened to my New Moon in Aquarius podcast, please do as this will also give you a more in-depth feel for how these planets will be influencing you for the rest of the year – no doubt about it, 2021 is the year of Saturn (tensely) meets Uranus!

I also talk about the other interesting aspect of the week: Venus square Mars on February 20. In this aspect, Venus definitely has the upper hand – in fact, Mars will basically be acting like her soldier Valentine. Listen to find out more.

Tarot for Saturn square Uranus

I don’t even need to pull a card to know which image in the tarot speaks to the energy of Saturn square Uranus. In my mind, the answer is obvious:

The Tower card.

Take a look at the images on the Tower card from my three favorite decks (in case you’re wondering, I have six decks in all, although I’m sure that number will increase in the future ;) ). In each case, a tower struck is by lightening (or a weird flower flame thing), and figures fall off the top, presumably to their doom.

Lightening is the perfect symbol for the sudden Uranian impulse – astrologers tend to compare Uranus’s energy to electricity.

And the tower? It doesn’t get more Saturnian than a lonely fortress tower that has been standing, solid and true, for centuries.

But what’s really happening here? Has the tower been destroyed? No yet, although in the Marseille tarot, its crown has been knocked off its “head.”

And what of the figures? Are they hapless victims, or did their own carelessness cause their fall? After all, everyone knows you shouldn’t stand up on a roof near the lightening rods during a thunderstorm.

However, it’s not wise to simply retreat into the tower either. They say lightening never strikes the same place twice, but you never know. Besides, to shake old Saturn up, Uranus may very well hit that tower next with an Earthquake.

My advice? When it comes to Saturn and Uranus, balance is called for. In 2021 – and particularly whenever this square is exact, as it will be on February 17 and two more times later in the year – do not cling to the security of the past, trying to restore things to the way they once were. Change is already here: don’t resist it.

However, don’t become impatient and work to knock things down yourself at a pace you might later regret, or that are in danger of spiralling out of control.

The best solution?

Get the hell out of the tower and run for the hills. That’s probably where Saturn in Aquarius is building up new structures, maybe even tiny houses off the grid which Uranus and Taurus would most definitely be down for.

Let the Tower card stand for Uranus challenging structures and institutions that already began to crumble when Saturn met up with Pluto last year in Capricorn – and crumble they must. Goodbye age of Earth, hello age of Air.

In Aquarius, Saturn is very strong. The planet is in one of its best, most forward-looking placements, offering us the chance to build positive new structure – and he will prevail. Saturn is making what is called a superior square to Uranus, which means he ultimately has the upper hand. Uranus is here to shake things up and challenge them, which may be just what we need. But he still won’t win in the end.

When the lightening bolts are hurled and the Earth trembles, just make sure you don’t get stuck in the middle. The Tower of Babel fell for a reason. Don’t become too rigid. Stand back and let change happen. Feel free to lift your voice, but don’t explode and go too far.

One more thing: watch out for falling bricks.