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Astrological Forecast: September 6-12 2021

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Rebeccah Dean
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In my astrological forecast for the second week of September, I talk about the gentle new moon in Virgo and how events will continue to be challenging around women and women’s rights in the collective, and around relationships and connecting with others on the personal level.

Here are the astro stats I mention:

September 6: Venus in Libra square Pluto in Cap, and trine Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars trine Pluto. This could bring about a crisis in Venusian themes, such as relationships, collaborations, sexuality, the arts and entertainment and women and women’s issues in general. However, since Venus is still strong in her sign of rulership and gets some help from Jupiter, things should still look hopeful for the time being.

September 7: Virgo new moon, with the Sun trine Uranus. This moon echoes the Leo new moon in August, when the sun was square Uranus. Whereas the Leo new moon focused on ideas of leadership and the desire to put ourselves in the spotlight mixed with the impulse and desire for sudden change (the square to Uranus, which brought tension, pressure and strife), Virgo is much more analytical and practical-minded. A trine is a harmonious, flowing aspect that speaks to coming to terms and/or a better integration of Uranian energy which allows for change and innovation without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. This dynamic will develop over the next two weeks.

September 10: Venus and the Moon move into Scorpio, which is a difficult placement for both of these planets (the sign of detriment for Venus and fall for the moon). Both Venus and the Moon are signs that crave and seek connection and togetherness, but Scorpio is a Mars-ruled sign that specializes is cutting and tearing things apart. Since both of these planets signify women and mothers (the moon), this speaks to a very difficult, very challenging moment for women, as well as a time when relationships, creative projects or your general sense of wellbeing might take a bit of a beating.

The moon is also square Saturn on September 10 and in opposition to Uranus on September 11. This might lead to a heavy feeling of hopelessness (square to Saturn) and seething anger (Mars-ruled Scorpio) on the one hand, and the perhaps irrational urge to break free and shake things up emotionally on the other (Uranus).

On a personal level, you are more likely to be locked into this dynamic if you have personal planets or your ascendant in any of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo). If this time does become an emotional-yet-heavy whirlwind for you, I’d suggest waiting it out. Venus will be in Scorpio for the rest of the month, but the moon will move on to Sag on the 12th, which should bring some relief.