Sep 24, 2021 • 22M

Awesome Elections: Start an Edgy Art Project on September 29

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Rebeccah Dean
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In today’s Awesome Elections podcast I present an interesting election that would be ideal for starting an edgy art project. If you don’t know anything about electional astrology, I suggest you read this post first.

I start the podcast off with a little lecture about essential dignities in astrology, which you can see in the table below. I do so because one of the focus planets for this election is actually in its detriment (Venus in Scorpio).

(Here is a very good Twitter thread where an astrologer describes the differences between dignities in natal charts and other types of astrology).

One thing I forget to mention in the podcast is that this is likely to be a better election for personal (artistic) pleasure and self-exploration rather than a project that will bring you fame and success, so keep that in mind.

The astro stats

This chart is set for Wednesday, September 29 at 11:30 p.m. in Berlin, Germany (Central European Standard time).

The ascendant is at around 16 degrees Cancer with Cancer moon directly on the angle. The moon’s next aspect is a trine to Venus in Scorpio.

If you need to relocate the chart for your time zone, make sure the ascendant is in Cancer, ideally between around 10 to 20 degrees of the sign. The moon needs to be between 10 to 20 degrees of Cancer as well. This detail is very important because the next aspect the moon makes needs to be a trine to Venus, otherwise this election will lose its power.

Although Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio, as I mentioned, she is in her decan here as well as her house of Joy, the 5th house, which gives her some dignitiy. The 5th house rules things like pleasure, enjoyment, sexuality and artistic expression, which is why this is an interesting election to start a project that cuts to the heart (Venus in Scorpio) of such topics.

The supportive trine from a strong moon (Cancer is the moon’s home sign) helps bring manifestation and emotional power to this election and the trine to Pluto in 7th brings in further intensity and transformative power.

Please note that this election would not be ideal for writing projects, because Mercury is retrograde in the chart.

Have fun and keep me posted on any projects and outcomes. I’ll take pictures of the astrologically timed jewelry pieces I plan to make, as I mention in the podcast.