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Full Moon in Gemini: A Friendly Farewell and an Optimistic Hello

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Rebeccah Dean
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On December 18/19 we will have a full moon in Gemini which I’ve dubbed “a friendly farewell and an optimistic hello.” I’ve chosen this name because, at 28 degrees of Aquarius, Jupiter is making a lovely trine to both the sun and the moon.

A trine is a flowing, harmonious aspect, and Jupiter is the planet that stands for optimism, vision, seeing a way forward, expansion and growth. With this trine, Jupiter is saying a friendly hello, as if to remind us he’s about to leave Saturn’s icy lair and move back into his own sumptuous castle by the sea when he ingresses into Pisces, a sign he traditionally rules, on December 30, 2021.

A word on Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn features very prominently in my chart, so Saturnian energy in both its negative and more positive forms is something I’m well acquainted with. But Jupiter also has his say: my ascendant ruler is in a Jupiter-ruled sign and Jupiter himself is conjunct my sun. Perhaps because of this balance within me, I tend to attract people who are either very Saturnian or very Jupiterian.

What I love about Saturnian people is their shrewdness and incredible bullshit detector. These people take commitments seriously, frown on flakiness and don’t balk at hardwork or that which requires discipline.

However, they also tend to be pessimistic, true glass is half full people who dwell on the negative or impossible, which at times seems like nearly everything.

What I love about Jupiterian people is their optimistic vision. These are people who live to be inspired and inspiring and love the excitement of a new possibility. Sure, ugliness exists in the world, but so does beauty and deep spiritual connection, which they prefer to focus on.

However, they tend to sometimes be blindly optimistic, either having too much faith that something will just work out even if its clearly not very realistic (a Saturn word) that it will. Although naturally exuberant, these glass half full people also have a tendency to sometimes err on the side of foolish, rose colored glasses thinking.

In my circle of friends, I try to keep those with a distinct leaning in one way or another separate from each other, because when they do come together, the comments inevitably come in later:

So and so is nice, but they seem naively optimisitic. Can anyone really be that upbeat all the time? (Saturnian person about a Jupiterian person)

I like so and so, but they seem like a bit of a negative Nancy. Are they depressed? (Jupiterian person about a Saturnian person)

Thinking about these people makes me realize how uncomfortable things have been the last two years for Jupiter – he’s been in a Saturn-ruled sign since December 3, 2019 – as well as what he stands for.

Jupiter is in his fall in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, which means Jupiterian principles like optimism, growth, expansion, helpful solutions, etc. were out of commission for nearly all of 2020 at a time when Pluto conjunct Saturn was busy amping up intensifying Saturn’s more challenging significations: fear, limitations, restrictions, death.

On December 20, 2020, Jupiter left Capricorn and ingressed into Saturn-ruled Aquarius, ushering in the Age of Air one day later. Although still bunking with Saturn, Jupiter is in better shape in Aquarius and can get on board with Aquarian virtues, like humanitarianism and helping build positive new structures and public works.

But Jupiter is most definitely hankering to move on into Pisces, and his gain in strength will surely benefit us, not to mention create a greater balance once more between Saturnian seriousness and severity and Jupiterian buoyancy and hope – a welcome change for sure.

The Lunar Nodes

This full moon also signifies a somewhat premature farewell to the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. The nodes have been on the Gemini-Sag axis since May 2020, which means the eclipse cycles have been happening in the houses in your chart with these signs on the cusps during this time.

Eclipses signify upheavals, changes as well as endings and new beginnings in the areas of your life signified by the Gemini and Sag-ruled houses for the past year and a half. The nodes will move on to Taurus-Scorpio on January 19, 2022 and stay in those signs until July 17, 2023.

Since we had our final eclipse on this axis on December 4 (asolar eclipse in Sagittarius), with this Gemini moon as the final culmination in the lunar cycle, the nodes also take a bow.

Full Moon in Gemini: Suggested Ritual

In many magical traditions, the moon plays a central role. We track her as she waxes and wanes, using her power and cycles for manifestation.

New moons are when we set intentions, waxing moons are for growth, waning moons for ridding ourselves of things.

However, there is one widespread misconception: full moons are not actually an ideal time to manifest new things into your life with magic. When a moon is full, it has peaked and reached its culmination. Brimming with light, its energy can go no further, it can only recede.

That said, full moons are definitely still powerful moments and a great time for meditation, among other things.

For this Gemini new moon, I therefore suggest the following ritual:

During this full moon – possibly during the hour of the moon if possible – find a quiet place to meditate

  • Light a candle and some lunar incense, such as eucalyptus, camphor, iris or violet

  • Close your eyes and imagine your body filling up with the moon’s silvery light

  • Visualize Jupiter, a friendly, rotund figure and feel the promising buoyancy and optimism he brings into this full moon. Still cloaked in the ashen, threadbare gown of Saturn, his lavish sea green robe, encrusted with shells and jewels, is near. Soon he will move into Pisces and wear it once more, bringing us the abundance of the oceans.

  • Breathe and allow yourself to dream and harbor hope, a feeling far too long in short supply.

  • If you like, simply stay with Jupiter or you can move on and visualize the changes that have occurred in your life regarding the houses in your chart with Gemini and Sag on the cusp. Honor that which has faded away, celebrate that which has entered and hold an open heart for the changes yet to come, even those that might be difficult.

  • Breathe and sit with the energy as long as you like.