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Full Moon in Scorpio

With lunar cycle writing prompt!

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Today I’m talking about the full moon in Scorpio, which will take place on April 27, 2021. This is a really intense full moon that has the potential to lead to confusing, volatile feelings that may encourage people to lash out emotionally in ways they may later regret (think angry drunk).

This full moon also activates the Saturn Uranus square, which means it may trigger this rebellious, revolutionary energy with potential disastrous results.

My advice is, lay low for this moon. Stays away from protests or twitter wars, as well as irrational spats with others in general, because they have the potential to get out of hand in destructive ways.

You may particularly feel the energy of this full moon if you have either Scorpio or Taurus rising or planets at around 10 to 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo).

This energy will subside by the end of the week.

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Writing prompt for the April 2021 lunar cycle

As promised, here is the creative “plot line” any writers out there can take away from this lunar cycle. Feel free to steal it and write your award winning novel!

Exposition (New Moon):

The protagonist of the story is an assertive, action-oriented person (Aries) who is direct in speech and does not shy from conflict (Mercury in Aries), in fact, they relish in debate and heated discussions, whether verbal or written (Mercury in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Gemini).

Rising Action (The Crescent Moon, Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibbous):

The protagonist becomes very ambitious about some sort of mercurial pursuit, which could be either business, writing, mathematics, or similar intellectual field (Crescent Moon in Gemini conjunct the North Node). An older authority figure who can help provide structure for their ambitions comes into their lives (Moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius).

The person wishes to be the center of attention and/or receive recognition for their achievements (Quarter Moon in Leo), but they are experiencing some resistance or conflict from several people (Moon in Leo square Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus). The Sun could be a solar figure such as a leader, famous or influential person, or a father, Venus could be a woman, love interest or romantic partner and Mercury could be a younger sibling, a writer or messenger or even simply the Internet. Since Taurus is the sign, there could be pressure (internal or external) here to settle down, i.e. buy a house or start a family and live a more life based on comfort and stability.

By the Waxing Gibbous, it appears that this person has solved the conflict. They are now in the rational, practical sign of Virgo, and have a harmonious relationship with the person symbolizing Mercury and Venus (Virgo moon trine Mercury and Venus). Inspiration is flowing (trine to Uranus), but they do feel an itch and/or conflict around their former hungry ambition (sure the North Node in Gemini). A new person/emotion enters the scene, Mars in Cancer. This is either an unstable person (possibly male) with poor impulse control who tends to be emotionally manipulative or lash out without thinking to perceived slights. They may struggle with alcohol and may even have issues with aggression or violence. If this isn’t an action person, it could stand for these impulses or weaknesses within our protagonist

Climax and Culmination (Full Moon in Scorpio):

Oh my, this is where the shit hits the fan! Or protagonist seems to have been stirred up by the Mars in Cancer character/impulse and a sense of anger and resentment well up to the surface. These two are in cahoots and getting each other into trouble, possibly by getting drunk at an office party or family picnic and lashing out at people in hurtful ways that they will regret when they sober up. These people they confront or have a falling out with are the same characters we’ve met before, who are represented by the Sun, Venus and Mercury (Sun, Venus and Mercury in opposition to Moon in Scorpio). The opposition to Uranus suggests or protagonist may do some sudden and reckless, and the square to Saturn suggest that for this action they will get in trouble with the authorities or even land in jail.

Falling action (Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter Moon, Balsamic/Dark Moon):

After the shenanigans our protagonist got into, which may have cost them quite a bit, they do some philosophical soul searching (Waning Gibbous in Sagittarius). Although they may get off track by falling for something illusory (i.e. a spiritual charlatan or a glamorous idea that ends up to be a delusion), they also will ultimately meet a spiritual leader (probably middle aged up until their late 60s) who will help them find their path, which might be the path of social justice (Sag moon sextile Jupiter in Aquarius).

Our protagonist has become more mature, rational and disciplined (Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn). Perhaps they have become ascetic and solitary (same energy), but either way they feel at peace with their former ambition and insatiable drive (Moon in Aquarius trine North Node in Gemini). However, a sudden change to their life in the monastery or spiritual retreat center creates conflict (square to Uranus) which may have been initiated or lead to a renewal of conflict with the character represented by the Sun. While the Sun character had the upper hand in the conflict when the moon was in Leo, this time our protagonist is the one who gets to call the shots (Moon in Aquarius in a superior square over the Sun in Taurus).

After this experience, our protagonist grows spiritually once again because they plunge the depths and face their fears to an even greater degree (Balsamic/Dark Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto). The novel ends with them reconciling with the Venus character (Moon in Pisces sextile Venus in Taurus). This story has a happy end, with emotional and spiritual growth which brings joy and possibly a renewed spark into estranged relationships/romance.

Pretty nice story, thanks moon!

If this writing prompt inspires you, good luck and keep me posted! Of course, you are free to change any of the details around as you wish–when it comes to lunar cycle writing prompts, there are no rules. :)