Jul 7, 2021 • 15M

Lunar Cycle July 2021: New Moon in Cancer and Full Moon in Aquarius

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Rebeccah Dean
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Today I talk about the Lunar cycle for July 2021, which brings us a New Moon in Cancer on July 9/10 and a Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24. Here are the highlights:

Cancer is a moon-ruled sign, which means the moon will have a lot of power on July 10. The moon is about nuturance, comfort, care and togetherness, and all of those topics will be flowing quick nicely during this New Moon. A harmonious trine from Neptune will also give the New Moon a glittery feeling of boundlessness – all in all, a great day to lounge at the spa, spend a day at the beach or do anything else that makes you feel especially good.

However, the Cancer New Moon also brings in an opposition with Pluto. This aspect lends the New Moon a feeling of intensity and impending crisis, particularly involving anything to do with emotional conditioning or the past. This dynamic strikes again during the quarter moon on July 17, when the moon has a challenging square to Pluto.

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This month’s full moon takes place in Aquarius on July 24. Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn, and is conjunct Saturn on the 24th, which gives this Full Moon a very strong Saturnian vibe.

Saturn moon aspects are challenging because these two planets have very different natures: the moon is changeable and quick, whereas Saturn is constant and slow. The moon stands for mother and child, while Saturn is maturity and old age. The moon is comfort, but Saturn is harshness hardship.

After such a cushy-yet-cathartic New Moon, this Full Moon is asking us to take responsibility for our emotions and needs and gain an inner sense of authority, but this might also leave us feeling isolated and blue.

The Full Moon also ties us into the Saturn square Uranus dynamic of the year (the moon will square Uranus on July 25). Some questions to ask yourself as the moon begins to wane are: How do I stand with my own authority? Am I someone who feels called to hold up the status quo (Saturn) or bring in innovation and volatile change (Uranus)? What is the emotional line between rigidity and authoritarianism and chaos and radical change?

Very interesting lunar cycle this time around indeed. As always, how strongly it affects you personally will depend on your personal birth chart.

Let me know how things go!