Apr 22, 2021 • 21M

Mars in Cancer

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Rebeccah Dean
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Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

On April 22 or 23, Mars will enter the sign of Cancer. Since Cancer is the sign of Mars’ fall, it’s not the easiest sign for this planet to be in. I go into more detail about what this means in my podcast, but in a nutshell, when Mars is in Cancer:

  • your actions may be dictated by your emotions more than is usually the case

  • it may be harder to be disciplined and get to work, especially when you’re not in the mood to do so

  • you may be prone to being overly sensitive to slights and lashing out emotionally

  • confrontation and conflict may be difficult and you may feel more (emotionally) angry and weepy than usually and crave retreat

On a more positive note, Mars is Cancer also has a protective, mama bear kind of energy, so this is a also a great time to fight and stand up for any issues having to do with mothers and children, vulnerable and endangered groups or really anything about which your feel particularly protective or emotional.

However, watch out for going too far or flying emotionally off the handle and doing things you will later regret in the heat of the moment, as this is always the danger with Mars in Cancer.

Mars will be in Cancer until June 11 or 12, depending on your location.

I’ll be back with the writing prompt for rising action in the lunar cycle at the beginning of next week.