Mar 16, 2021 • 17M

Mercury in Pisces

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Rebeccah Dean
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Today my podcast is about Mercury in Pisces and all I have to say is, welcome to my world!

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, where it is also said to be “exalted.” This is because detail-oriented, rational and exact Virgo perfectly fits what Mercury wishes to do. Mercury rules language, verbal and written communication, rational thought, commerce and any sort of “messenger” system, like e-mail or the post office.

For these types of things, we definitely prefer the exactness of a Virgo: clear, precise speech, shrewd financial analysis, logistic systems that are expertly and efficiently planned, e-mails that always instantly arrive.

However, in Jupiter-ruled Pisces–the sign that is opposite Virgo–Mercury is in both its detriment and fall, which means this is a particularly challenging sign for the planet to be in. Think of Pisces like a view over a vast ocean when you’re floating right in the middle of it. No details to analyze, no pieces to take apart and put together again like Mercury wants to do, only an endless landscape of watery blue. Mercury struggles in Pisces because it quickly becomes overwhelmed.

Mercury enters Pisces on March 15/16 (depending on where you live in the world) and will stay there until April 5.

This is a fantastic time to do the following:

  • Dream and allow yourself to let go

  • Follow your creative inspiration

  • Write poetry

  • Focus on building a spiritual practice

  • Meditate

But watch out for:

  • unclear thinking

  • miscommunications

  • crossed signals

  • a generally feeling of being lost or overwhelmed

Another important point: Although Pisces Mercury is great for spirituality, be careful that you don’t go for something where you are encouraged to completely turn off your mind in unhealthy ways. There is a difference between letting go and getting brainwashed by a charlatan guru or spiritual leader who insists you should turn off critical thinking, which can sometimes be the danger of Mercury in Pisces energy.

Personal testimony

As I mentioned above, I personally have Mercury in Pisces, which is also my chart ruler. In my podcast I talk about this placement, including both its blessings and challenges. Although it has brought me trouble, I personally wouldn’t trade it in for any other sign, which is good since that’s not possible anyway.

On that note, two famous writers/poets with this placement come to mind. The first is Amanda Gorman, who also has her Sun and Jupiter in Pisces, and the second is Maya Angelou.

These two women are great examples of both the gifts of Mercury in Pisces as well as its challenges: they are (were in the case of Angelou) exceptional poets who also struggled with speech and hearing, particularly as children. Amanda Gorman has an audio processing disorder and had a speech impediment as a child and Maya Angelou didn’t talk for five years following a traumatic childhood event.

Obviously I’m biased, but the lives of these women remind me that planets that have “poor dignity” by sign placement as they say in astrology can really turn into a kind of super power.

Go, Mercury in Pisces!