Mar 11, 2021 • 36M

New Moon in Pisces through the Houses

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Rebeccah Dean
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After an auspicious new moon in Aquarius last month, March bring us a beautiful Pisces “pond.” On March 13, the Sun and Moon are joined by Venus conjunct Neptune, all in watery Pisces. This new moon is calling us to surrender and let ourselves go.

Venus is in the sign of her exaltation in Pisces–it’s in this sign that she promises a chance at boundless joy and beauty, relationships and harmony, romance and enjoyment. Bringing dissolver-of-all-boundaries Neptune into the mix amps this up and adds a dreamy flair of glamour and idealization to whatever seeds are being planted by this new moon.

However, there is a danger here. A stone pulled from this Pisces pond may well look like a glittering gemstone, but once the water dries it may well turn out to be an ordinary rock.

My advice?

Let yourself drift and dream wherever this new moon lands in your chart, but make sure you still stay grounded. Illusions can be beautiful, and this is what Neptune likes to bring, but they cause trouble if they are allowed to become deceptions. The full moon in Libra towards the end of the month will call us to cut off anything that might have gotten out of hand.

In my podcast, I take the Pisces new moon through the houses to give you a feel for what it might bring to you personally. Enjoy!

Tarot reading for the new moon in Pisces

Today I asked the cards what the new moon in Pisces on March 13 will bring us. I pulled three cards and felt compelled to pull a fourth.

The cards show us the Pisces pond indeed: the King and Queen of Cups, the water suit in the deck. Both figures stare off in opposite direction with a dreamy, somewhat unfocused gaze. By the sea, they look content, although you do have to wonder if someone’s spiked the punch.

What exactly are they dreaming?

The Seven of Cups, the card of dreams and longing itself, but also illusion and deception. Here’s where the glittering, misty, intoxicating allure of Neptune comes into the mix.

And what of the fourth card? The Devil?

The message is clear: give yourself over to the Pisces/Neptune energy of this full moon, and you’ll have the chance to revel and become blissfully zonked out like the King and Queen of Cups are here.

However, do not become fixated on whatever comes up. Otherwise you are in danger of becoming a slave to a desire (the Devil card) for something that by its very nature was designed to be fleeting and ephemeral.