Apr 15, 2021 • 12M

Venus in Taurus

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Rebeccah Dean
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On April 15, 2021, Venus ingresses into Taurus, which is a sign she rules.

To find out why this might bring more harmony into your relationships, and be a great time for baking bread, listen to the podcast.

In the meantime, here’s my tarot spread for the question:

What is the best way to take advantage of the Venus in Taurus energy?

I really love the work of the cartomancer Camelia Elias, who I’m currently studying with. Rather than considering the tarot to be an esoteric path towards higher spiritual development, she really uses the cards (Marseille Tarot, not RWS) as a tool to achieve clarity in the here and now.

The cards tells stories, and that’s what I dig.

In her book, Read Like The Devil she points out that you do not need to read the cards in a spread in a consecutive order. What you need is a clear and precise question, then look for the story in the cards (there’s more to it than this, of course, but that’s the short version).

The story I see here is as:

We are living right now in a time of constant change (Wheel of Fortune). The Corona numbers go up, and then they go down. In battling the virus, some countries do well and then fail, and the other way around (e.g. Germany and the US). How can we make plans a few weeks from now, let alone a few months?

But we still need to relate to one another. How does Venus in Aries do so? As the Empress, a woman of action, who gets the ball rolling. Sometimes there is a need to sacrifice harmony for assertiveness to get the job done.

Thank you, Venus in Aries. You may step to the side until you reemerge next Spring to get us in the mood for the beauty in an energetic bout of Spring cleaning.

Venus is in Taurus now, her nocturnal home, which is pictured here as the Star. Harmony, patience, beauty and joy, they will flow much easier now. The woman in the picture is (care)free and trusting and secure enough to get naked and enjoy herself under the stars.

What the heck? If that’s your thing, then go for it. If not, another great alternative would be the other card I pulled.

The message here? When Venus is in Taurus, take time to smell and enjoy the flower or, better yet, plant some of your own!

Venus will be in Taurus from April 15 to May 11.