Why I got into astrology

When I first got into astrology back in the mid-90s, I was in a bad way emotionally. I was intensely shy, felt trapped and depressed, unloved and unlovable. The future was a big anxious question mark. One day, a college friend offered to do an astrology reading for me. Although a naturally sceptical person, I said yes.

My friend wasn’t much of an astrologer, and the books she had were the worst of those harsh, doomsday fatalistic ones. The reading left me feeling even worse than I had before. A few months later this “friend” broke off our friendship. The reason? She didn’t think she could be close to someone whose moon was in as poor a shape as mine was.

If that was the end of astrology in my life, could you blame me?

But it wasn’t.

As bad as the reading was, and as a bad of a friend this would-be astrologer turned out to be, it woke up something inside of me. I’m not even sure why, but it did.

I started reading every book on astrology I could find, the good and the bad and the somewhere in between. The more I learned, the deeper I could see myself reflected in my chart: my sadness and inhibitions yes, but also my gifts and strengths I had formerly been blind to.

Astrology became my guide in the dark.

If the position of the planets and stars at the moment I was born could say so much about me, maybe I wasn’t as alone as I felt. I sensed a light inside myself, still faint but definitely there, the light that connects all things.

That light is inside you right now.

The astrology I’m passionate about

Although I still greatly value the modern psychological approach to astrology – it was an immense help getting me through those difficult times I described above – I’m now much more interested in a more solution-based, practical approach like you can get with horary astrology and electional astrology. This is what I write about here at Crossroads Astrology.

In the fall of 2022, I completed Year 1 practicum of the Science of Light Jyotish (Vedic astrology) program. At the end of 2023, I finished my second year of training in tis program and am currently actively giving consultations. This system has wonderful remediation techniques that allow people to boost their potential, discover their purpose, ease their challenges and limitations and actively become the best version of themselves in a much deeper way than I’ve seen in Western systems.

What I write about

I named my newsletter Crossroads Astrology for a reason. I write about (traditional) Western astrology and Jyotish, including how they intersect and how they diverge. I write for people at the crossroads or approaching them, a place that many people find themselves when they are called to learn more about astrology, as well as many other spiritual and magical paths. I hope this becomes a place where such brave souls can linger for a while.

Where else I am

You can find my website here. I also write fiction which you can find here. Click here to book a consultation.

I also write a separate newsletter about astrological magic that you can find here.

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